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Experience the life changing wisdom of public speaker Perla Tamez and host her at your next conference, workshop, or event!

Perla Tamez speaks with authority, wisdom, and grace. Her unique ability to connect with audiences of all sizes and backgrounds makes her a public speaker to watch. From keynote speeches and global conferences to high school students and prison inmates, Perla uses every opportunity to inspire her audience to unlock their true potential and change the world.



Want to know how to take your vision and transform it into reality? Perla can help! With vast knowledge from her multi-million-dollar startups and deep experiential insight, this award-winning entrepreneur can help you identify how to make your dreams become successful realities.  

  • How pain births purpose
  • My journey to success


With so many voices yelling ‘no’ and so many reasons to never try at all, Perla uses her inspired insight to share all the reasons why you can and should begin. With her many successful business endeavors, life changing experiences, and intentional explorations, Perla shares how she learned to uncover her true potential, while encouraging you to do the same.

  • Falling in Love with Fear
  • Overcoming Adversity


Graduating from Texas A&M University with her Bachelors in Communication Sciences and Disorders, at the young age of 20, Perla Tamez is well acquainted with the joys and trials of higher education. With personal stories of her own experiences with setback and triumph, she will undoubtedly inspire you to transform every challenge into an opportunity to discover greatness.

  • For every no, find your yes
  • How to uncover your pearl within

Perla’s Problem-Solving Vision

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Savor it, so that you can accept it (sweet and bitter)
  3. Embrace the best solution
  4. Align your team with the solution (“identify the team”)
  5. Execute the solution with strength, focus and determination


“Captivating. Engaging. Powerful. Perla’s keen ability to transform the energy of a room through her storytelling and sharing of practical advice is admirable. Her journey as a serial entrepreneur yields the opportunity for the audience to realize they can achieve their dreams too. Absolutely amazing!”

– Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz

Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Author, International Speaker, Pilot

“Perla is one of those unique people who naturally has the It Factor. She immediately commands the attention from a room and holds it effortlessly with the intelligent content and passionate delivery of her message. She is simultaneously funny and moving, which is unlike any other speaker I’ve seen.”

– Andrea Mesis-Bruno

VP Enobrac and President D&A Construction Advisors

“There were many things that stood out from Perla’s life accomplishments. In particular, her humble beginnings, as well as her family’s unwavering support to see her thrive and succeed in providing the Early Intervention services needed in the Latino Community. Perla is a classic example that it takes a family’s cohesiveness to see our children thrive and do well in the world. Bravo!”

– Ivonne Hanks

President & CEO of Health Is You!

“Powerful. Intelligent. Perla is a powerful woman because she started her career at the age of 21. She is very determined to get what she wants in life. She is a wonderful woman and everything she does impresses me.”

– Veronica Sosa

Founder of the SHE Conference



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