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Podcast Timeline for Guests:

  1. Receive invitation to be a guest on podcast.
  2. Respond to invitation.
  3. Provide bio, headshot, etc.
  4. Receive confirmation email with all details, including date, what to expect, etc.
  5. Upcoming episode with guest is announced.
  6. Record episode.
  7. Receive edited episode for review.
  8. Confirm episode can go live.
  9. Episode is live.

Setting Yourself Up for Success as a Podcast Guest

1. Prepare for the interview

You should mentally prepare to be interviewed, but also enjoy the process. We are excited to hear your input, insights, and stories on the podcast.

2. Have notes or reference materials ready

You will receive a list of interview questions prior to episode recording. It’s a good idea to become familiar with what you’ll be talking about. If you have anything you want to reference, have it accessible during recording.

3. Make sure your equipment is charged

Low battery on any devices are the last thing we want when recording. To be respectful of everyone’s time, please make sure your phone and laptop are charged.

4. Don’t overthink interview, recording can be edited

Podcast episodes are pre-recorded. If you say something you would like edited out, just let us know. Edited episodes will be sent to you prior to going live, so you are comfortable with it. We can always make any changes.

5. Listen to a few episodes

Spending time to become familiar with the podcast you’re a guest on, will help the interview flow more naturally. Taking some time to listen in on the hosts’ interviewing style, tone of voice, and episode length

6. Drink water

You will want to prepare your vocal chords prior to recording for the highest-quality sound. Avoid hot or cold drinks. Stick to room temperature water to hydrate your vocal chords through the episode. The microphone will pick up if your mouth is dry.  

7. Enjoy yourself

The interview is really just a conversation, between you and the host. Genuine excitement will be transmitted through the recording.

8. Check your equipment

All audio equipment will be checked prior to recording. Make sure to have your headphones and microphone plugged in ready to be tested.

9. Be authentic

You will have questions prior to interview, and ample time to prepare. This helps you be as authentic as possible during recording. You have been chosen as a guest for a reason. Listeners are looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

10. Engage

Make sure to engage with the host. Communication with host prior to interview will be made. Feel free to ask questions along the way