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Perla Tamez is an inspired visionary, an international speaker with a keen ability to motivate others to discover their true potential. With candor, humor, and wisdom, she challenges teams to transform their experiences with adversity into tales of hope and triumph. Perla’s vast entrepreneurial endeavors, educational experiences, and international exposure have positioned her to communicate with broad audiences in a manner that is heartfelt, effective, and captivating.


Perla Elizabeth Tamez is a visionary serial entrepreneur, speech pathologist assistant, and public speaker. For the last decade, she has dedicated her life’s work to empowering others to unlock their truest potential. From her thriving outpatient pediatric clinics to her advocacy work for healthcare and children’s rights policies, this powerhouse is only at the beginning of creating her legacy.

Perla’s story begins in McAllen, Texas, where she was born and lived in the small town of Hidalgo, Texas, where she learned, at a very young age, to run fiercely in the direction of her dreams. She graduated high school with fifty-two college hours and at the impressive age of twenty-one, she founded her first outpatient pediatric clinic, which, over the last eleven years, has grown into one of the largest providers in South Texas.

With Perla’s unbridled energy, she has been at the helm of startups ranging from healthcare clinics facilities, staffing professional services, publishing a local magazine, owning a high-end furniture store, real estate development, to the import and export of fruits and vegetables. In addition, she is passionate about lobbying politics, international travel, youth outreach, prison rehabilitation system, and launched a business model in real estate private equity investments.

In 2014 Perla’s unmatched and innovative talent for business was honored as she received the Small Business Administration Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Region VI, representing Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Today, she is committed to sharing her hard-earned knowledge and experience with others to equip them to become the best they can be. Clearly, Perla Tamez is a force to be reckoned with and a dynamic trailblazer to watch.



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